Hydraulic Hose Changes – 1SN & 2SN

We have improved our ONE and TWO SN series of hose, resulting in a change of specification.

Our new ONE and TWO SN hose exceeds the standard series and offers a range of benefits such as, improved bend radius, double the impulse performance, with excellent pressure capabilities, as well as being lightweight and flexible.

Key Features
Designed to be in full compliance with the specification of the international standard: EN 853 1SN-2SN / ISO 1436 1SN-2SN / SAE 100 R1AT-R2AT
Lightweight meaning less Transport costs and weight reduction on the machinery.
New structure increases hose flexibility.
Increased Bend Radius, up to twice the EN requirement and in line with the compact version.
Twice the Impulse performance: The new lines have been tested to twice the EN requirements.
Compatible Ferrules: The new hose line is compatible with the same 001C and 0022 ferrules.
The Cover is made with our Super Cover Compound to exceed the EN requirement.
Sizes available from 1/4″ to 2″.
Certified: All certification is available on request.
Fitting compatibility offering a no skive and skive solution.


For more information, download the hose technical bulletin or call us on 0121 550 1115