Interpump Fluid Solutions UK stocks a competitive range of tanks that provide many needs. These include side, rear and underbody options.

From 16 to 250 liter styles and any special custom designs are also available.

We supply standard steel pressed tanks or OEM “made to order” custom styles.

Prototypes are produced in our Italian factories and offer OEM approved standards.


We supply custom tanks to any requirement. Many are ideally suited to help solve “tight” applications. Slimline tanks can be designed, manufactured and fitted into difficult spaces. Innovation is our passion and if we can find a better way to design and produce a better tank then we will do so.

Our special ST400 series tanks are designed to suit narrow 400mm spaces on truck tractors. We also provide unique special compact ported locations for different truck brands

We also manufacture special rear tanks either as standard or as custom SLIMLINE versions. These are popular tanks to suit walking floor applications.

Our tanks can also be provided with our “O+O” (oil+oil) extra higher volume or our “O+D” (oil+diesel) dual versions.

Steel Filling Capacity Usable Liters Dimensions –
Height x deep x wide
STPF 100 87 83 638 x 278 x 640
STPF 135 118 113 638 x 278 x 840
STPF 160 139 132 638 x 278 x 1084
STPF 200 174 165 638 x 278 x 1300
STPF 230 197 173 760 x 330 x 1100