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We are looking for Hydraulic Hose Replacement fitters to join our growing service fleet. 

Formally known as I.M.M. Hydraulics and Bristol Hose, Interpump Fluid Solutions is the UK’s One Source manufacturer of certified and compatible fluid power products and services. Boasting world class manufacturing sites, global distribution and 24/7 breakdown support, you will become part of the expanding team of hose technicians.  

No two days will ever be the same! 


Positions available to cover

  • Bristol
  • Gloucester
  • Cirencester
  • Swindon


You will be given your own personal fully stocked Mobile Workshop, with Hydraulic products, machinery and other material needed. Your role will consist of attending emergency breakdowns for an array of industrial machinery and a wide customer base. When on-site, you will assess the situation, identifying the fault and replace the failed hose assembly.

 As a 24/7 service, you will be part of an On-Call rota with our other service technicians. 


  Experience and Skills required: 

  • Must have hydraulic experience. 
  • Full UK driving licence. 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and busy environment. 
  • Understanding of general Hydraulic parts and systems 
  • Positive mindset with a can do attitude. 
  • Mechanical background will aid this role. 
  • Good Customer service skills to represent the brand professionally at all times. 


Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £24,330.00-£28,000.00 per year

Additional pay:

  • Bonus scheme


  • Monday to Friday
  • Night shift
  • Overtime
  • Weekends



We look forward to hearing from you. 




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Please use the form at the bottom of the page to apply.
We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently looking to recruit a full time Internal Salesperson to work in the busy internal sales office, supplying hydraulic hose and ancillary parts.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Answering telephone
  • Processing orders
  • Providing quotes and technical data
  • Processing new sales leads
  • Monitoring customer accounts
  • Upselling
  • Follow up calls
  • General support and ad hoc duties as required


  • Minimum 2 years internal sales and/or customer service experience
  • Excellent telephone manner
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Excellent sales and negotiation skills
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Confident and determined approach
  • Computer literate
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Thrives in a busy environment and calm under pressure
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Self-motivated, driven and proactive
  • Ability to multitask
  • Can-do attitude

Desired but not essential:

  • Hydraulic hose and fittings industry experience


Full training will be provided.

Hours of work are 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Salary negotiable dependant on experience.



If you are having any problems submitting your application, please contact with your details.

Paul Childs
Paul Childs

Paul Childs

UK Managing Director

Paul is the UK Managing Director of Interpump Fluid Solutions. He has been involved in the hydraulics industry since 1993, with 25 years experience in the on-site hydraulic hose replacement business Bristol Hose, which more recently, became Interpump Fluid Solutions.

“It is a 24/7 very demanding business, due to the immediacy of its nature, so high quality customer service is paramount. We are literally open for business all the time and serve essential services, right across the country.”

Over his time in the industry, Paul has acquired in-depth knowledge in sales & marketing, finance, and people-management. He has found these skills to be instrumental in growing the business and building a professional team to meet the needs of a demanding industry. This led to Paul being promoted to the Managing Director for the whole of Interpump UK in November 2019. Paul has since kept the company running strong and successful throughout these challenging times and is excited about the future.

He sees Interpump Fluid Solutions’ offer of compatible, qualified products, being the key to a one-stop-shop, hydraulics service for customers, and stands by his motto

“If you work just for money you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours”

Outside of work, Paul enjoys cycling, fishing and country walks with his family.

Leigh Haslett

A Day In The Life Of Leigh Haslett

What time do you get up on a typical work day?
Around 5.45am

Can you give an example of what you have planned today?
Being in the midst of the current pandemic, I am currently back on the trade counter and in our engineering division making cylinders,  helping out the remaining team members, assisting our agricultural customers who are working non stop and plant company owners who are doing essential maintenance whilst they can. We have 14 cylinders in for repair / machining & re-seal, build and testing. These must be cleared by the end of the week, coupled with essential deliveries, so it’s a bit non stop at the moment. Along with organising on-site jobs for our mobile hose division, re-ordering stock and liaising with our other 3 facilities to ensure all existing targets are met.

How are customers’ feeling at the moment?
Quite a mix. Our agri customers are working 14-16 hours a day keeping on top and typically, as of late, they don’t have a huge amount of contact with the general public as they are so busy. Economically they have plenty of work on. The rest of the industries are very uncertain. There is a high level of unknown at present.

What’s the best part of running a business like this?
The staff, the customers and the achievements / deadlines we meet, day in day out. Working weekends and overnight to achieve impossible targets is what drives us. Our recently opened Swansea depot and employing / interpreting new members  is coming along quicker than we anticipated. It seems our ‘all in one service’ is in demand in the new area. We recently launched our ‘Every Week customer priority’ initiative, which has kick started some customers into sole sourcing from us. That’s very pleasing.  Also having the next generation (making me sound old) coming through. My son started with the company last year when he left college, doing a similar role to me 28 years ago when I first started in this industry, on the shop floor. He was 6 months old when we first opened, so it’s great he’s part of the team.

How does the rest of your day shape up?
Usual finish is about 5.30 – 9.30pm, but with our urgent jobs for key industries it could be another all nighter. You never know from one day to the next.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at work right now?
Keeping up with deadlines, with supply out of our control. The manufacturing side is not a problem, its getting raw materials delivered in time that’s an issue, which has seen us travel all over the country getting parts to complete jobs on time. Thankfully Interpump Fluid Solutions UK stock levels are fantastic, so we have confidence in that area of our business.

How do you see Interpump Fluid Solutions developing in the coming months and year?
Still in our infancy with the partnership, but the first 4 months have been very promising and the support from everyone at Interpump is superb. From starting in just agriculture 18 years ago, we now have a team of over 20, in 4 locations in South Wales, supplying all industries and have linked together several key parts to form the South Wales Interpump/Fast Group. Hydraulic hoses, filtration, lubricants and engineering. We are one of the largest lubricants & hydraulic hose suppliers in South Wales and investing in our newest addition, Fast Engineering which manufacture bespoke hydraulic parts and cylinders in super fast time has linked in perfectly for our on site engineers and other divisions. The Interpump brand, and working alongside them nationally, has been a huge part in the last 6 months. Working together as a team with the guys from Bristol, Kidderminster, Gloucester and Bridgwater  has really given us a feeling of being part of something special. The next few years will see more investment from us in ensuring we can help achieve and offer customers more than they can get from just a hydraulic company in South Wales and of course supporting Interpump with the services we provide in their depots is key.

From your perspective, what are the big opportunities? 
The future in watching us and Interpump grow and cover more areas is very exciting, ensuring customers who have national contracts can have the one point of contact and invoice for all jobs. We still have some way to go in achieving our own targets in South Wales after only branching out in Swansea a few months ago, which means whilst we have coverage from Chepstow to Haverfordwest, still only a small percentage of customers know we exist. The next 12-24 months is to get the balance right in customer growth and investing further in key members of the team. What’s pleasing and very encouraging is the amount of people who now want to join us and bring on board something that will be an asset and valuable, to ensure we continue to expand sensibly. Having Interpump Fluid Solutions, with their range of supply, is key to helping us achieve our goals.

If you could name one thing you most enjoy about running your business?
I love my team I have built with my key staff. We have invested heavily in having the right people and right now we have a very strong team in South Wales. My managers are absolutely superb and fiercely loyal; They have become great friends. It’s very personal for all of us; For sure it is not just business. The extra miles these guys put in is simply amazing.

What kind of time do you clock off at the end of a typical day?
Anywhere between 5.30-9.30pm. Tonight was 8.15pm, but you never know when the call might come to get back to it.

How do you balance your life outside of work with a demanding work lifestyle like this?
The old saying, it’s not work if you enjoy it so much, really does apply. I work 6 days a week, so the 7th day I try very much to have family day with my wife, son, daughter and bulldog Rocko. The expansion over the last 18 years doesn’t always allow this, so we love our holidays and having adventures. My family are very understanding and have supported my work ethic 100%. I was very active in martial arts up until mid last year and hold multiple black belts in kickboxing & taekwondo. I quit competing several years ago after winning a series of national titles, to concentrate on building my kickboxing clubs in the evenings. I have now taken a step back from those and have my daughter and martial arts partners and friends who are also co-owners, overseeing them, due to my work commitments, which has been a massive help. I also fly helicopters to relax and have fun, having obtained my licence in 2015. There’s no greater pleasure than flying over the Brecon Beacons on a lovely sunny day with the family. I am also an F1 geek, so try and make time to travel to F1 race weekends.

What’s your Top Tip for working through these current challenging times? 
My thought process has always been – Work harder – Work longer – Work smarter than everyone else. I always like to be first through the door and last out of it; Trying to set the example. After ‘office hours’ I’m usually in the warehouse helping build cylinders or make hoses, chipping in or getting stock away if it’s been very busy, ready for the next day. I never take my staff for granted and always thank them at the end of each day for their work.  We continue to strive to offer the complete package for our customers, whether it be a special oil or a bespoke part, made the same day. The more we keep our customers happy, the more they come back. We’re really not doing much different to normal, apart from me in the warehouse.

Leigh Haslett manages Interpump Fluid Solutions branches and depots across South Wales.

Chris Carpenter

Today we profile a day in the life of Chris Carpenter.

Chris is one of our top Mobile Service Engineers, part of our dedicated team of specialists, who provide 24/7 on-site support.

So Chris, what time do you get up on a typical work day?

Usually 6am but that depends on the distance and time I’m due on site for my first job.

Can you give an example of where you might be heading?

Anywhere I’m required and it’s usually somewhere in the southwest region.

What kind of job would this be?

The majority of my work is hose replacements on-site.

How did you get into this line of work?

I always had an interest in fixing things. I spent many hours helping my dad fix and tinker with cars etc at home when I was growing up. So when I saw this career I thought I’d give it a go and I really enjoy it. What motivates me and is my inspiration to keep at it, is my Dad. He has a vast engineering back ground and is such a knowledgeable man. Growing up I wanted to be just like him and I wanted to prove to myself and to my family that I can do it.

Unfortunately my Dad had a stroke in 2014 and lost his left hand side of his body, forcing him out of work, driving and building his kit cars and a kit plane he had in his garage! With this my Mum became his full time carer as well. This has inspired me all the more to put everything I have into my work and I hope that one day I’ll be like him and make him proud. He is currently recovering from his stroke and very slowly getting the use back of his left side.

How are customers’ sites looking and feeling at the moment?

With the current changes of day to day life I am finding myself receiving many jobs for the infrastructure of the UK, for example utility companies, waste, haulage, animal feed distribution, farmers and plant hire companies. Everyone who is helping to support the current situation we are in.

What’s the best part of doing a job like this?

The sense of pride. Taking a machine that is completely useless and broken, holding up a site/road closure… repair it and put the site back into work is a great feeling.

Working along side some valued customers with a friendly approach and building relations with them is a great aspect of my job. I thoroughly enjoy a good chat with them and even buying the cakes and putting the kettle on. I even make the tea!

How does the rest of your day shape up?

I usually go from job to job, sometimes these have a lot of mileage between with immense pressures created in our industry when our customers require us on site so quickly. When I’m not doing a job I will try my best to call into my customers to check how we are doing and show that we care what they think. And yes I make tea and bring biscuits and cake! That’s why they nicknamed me biscuits!

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at work right now?

The biggest challenge is the size of the area and building it up. In order to build the area you have to push further out and it’s hard to push further out when I have a seriously high demand in the centre of my area.

How do you see Interpump Fluid Solutions developing in the coming months and year?

I see Interpump Fluid Solutions as a solid company with so much potential. Over the past year we have seen our vans’ signage change and our company image looks so smart. In the next year I think we will develop into a larger on-site service. I would like to grow my area with a larger number of vans operating and continue to service my customers with a great workforce behind me.

From your perspective, what are the big opportunities?

The opportunities are to grow with the business. The training and courses that Interpump give are brilliant and these allow us to do our jobs safely and adhere to all the site rules we come across.

If you could name one thing you most enjoy about your job?

Helping people

What kind of time do you clock off at the end of a typical day?

Usually 6pm. But my phone’s always on.

How do you balance your life outside of work with a demanding job like this?

I enjoy sitting back and chilling online on my games console with my wife and friends.

In the current situation I find myself providing a contactless delivery system to my parents who are at a high risk to Covid-19. This consumes a fair bit of my time before and after work.

What’s your Top Tip for working through these current challenging times?

My top tip is to keep trying and not give up. I take each day and call out as they come. My dad had a stroke not so long ago and my mum is his carer. I guess the thought of the Covid-19 reaching them makes me want to help our nation more than ever. If I can help keep vehicles/machines working it can potentially save lives and help prevent others catching it.


If you require 24/7 on-site hydraulic hose replacement support please contact Chris Carpenter and the team.

The next in our series of A Day In The Life Of, we meet David Sidebottom, Machine Product Manager at Interpump Fluid Solutions.

David’s role is challenging and nationwide, a role that can take him to customer’s premises across the country, servicing and supporting hose assembly machines, wherever they are.

David, what time do you get up on a typical work day? 6.30am

Can you give an example of where you might be heading?  Top of my profession! But seriously, it could be anywhere in the UK because we support customers nationwide.

What kind of job would this be? Machine Sales & Service

How are customers’ sites looking and feeling at the moment? Customer sites are growing and looking prosperous

What’s the best part of doing a job like this? Visiting customers and being able to repair and calibrate their machines. The best part is leaving the customer happy

How does the rest of your day shape up? Mostly travelling, but it’s good to see a lot of the country that you wouldn’t normally see or visit

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at work right now? Many of our customers are looking to acquire machines, so it’s competitive out there

How do you see Interpump Fluid Solutions developing in the coming months and year? With the recent management changes it’s getting better and better… onwards and upwards

From your perspective, what are the big opportunities? Being part of a larger entity <Interpump Group> and having a complete solution for my customers

If you could name one thing you most enjoy about your job? I get most satisfaction from repairing hose assembly machines 

What kind of time do you clock off at the end of a typical day? 6.00pm

How do you balance your life outside of work with a demanding job like this? Sometimes I have two days at the weekend! I have an understanding wife

What’s your Top Tip for working through these current challenging times? Have a positive attitude

If you have a machine that needs servicing or support you can contact David on +44 (0)121 550 1115