Hydralok hydraulic machines are an extensive range of hydraulic assembly equipment, for cutting, swaging and crimping.

Hydralok products are compatible with our range of hoses and fittings to provide you with a qualified solution for your application.

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What is a swaging machine? This is a question we are often asked when a new customer encounters us.

For those in the know, swager, press, crimper, squeezer, swagging machine are all words we’ve heard from our customers over the years when asking about hose assembly machines.

What do swaging machines do? In simple layperson’s terms they exert sufficient pressure to join metal fittings with flexible hose .

The machines apply force with 360 degrees in eight areas of contact of contact on to the outer diameter of the ferrule. As the pressure is applied on the ferrule the OD decreases and forces the inner ridges of the ferrule to bite into the hose, securing the join.

Here’s a video of an Hydralok hand machine in action and here is another video showing cleaning of the swaging ring

Swaging machines range from simple, portable, hand-operated devices, often for service level / piece work requirements, to larger, powered machines – some fully automated for high-volume hose assembly production.

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