IMM Hydraulics S.p.A. makes available various channels through which it is possible to report, in a confidential and disclosed manner, a violation, or alleged violation, of the principles and rules contained in the Code of Ethics, in the Organization and Management Model Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in Group policies and procedures and, in general, violations (or alleged violations) of laws and/or regulations.

IMM Hydraulics S.p.A. is committed to guaranteeing the confidentiality of the subjects and facts reported, as well as the identity of the Whistleblower. After verifying their reliability, all reports, including anonymous ones, will be handled by the Persons in Charge of the Management of Whistleblowing Reports in accordance with the “Procedure for the Management of Whistleblowing Reports”.

Personal data and information provided as part of the whistleblowing procedure will be processed for the purpose of managing and following up the report, as well as investigating any reported conduct and taking the necessary measures, in accordance with applicable laws, including the Personal Data Protection Regulation. The purposes and methods of data processing by IMM Hydraulics S.p.A. are governed by the privacy policy.

Reports must be made by filling out a specific form or by recording a voice message, using the Whistleblowing Report Management Portal, accessible at the following link:

While the above mentioned channel remains the preferred choice, it will alternatively also be possible to make a Report through the following ways:

  • mailbox: Interpump Group S.p.A., c.a. Persons in Charge of the Management of Whistleblowing Reports, via E. Fermi, 25 – 42049 S. Ilario d’Enza (RE) – Italy; in order to ensure confidentiality, the report must be placed in two sealed envelopes, the first one with the identification data of the Whistleblower and the second one with the Report, and both must be placed in a third sealed envelope bearing on the outside the words “confidential” to the Persons in Charge of the Management of Whistleblowing Reports;
  • by calling the following phone number +39 0522 904 311 (Mon-Fri | 9-17).