A working day at I.M.M. in times of Covid

Did you know that before entering the company, all employees, customers, suppliers, visitors must go through a thermoscanner? When someone arrives, the sensors make the door open, immediately the body temperature is detected and all the incoming people are profiled by their badges. Please note, the thermoscanner exit door opens only if the temperature is 37.5 ° or less.

After passing through the thermoscanner, IFS staff can find hand sanitization dispensers located in different points of the headquarter. The entrances at the canteen and other common areas are limited and regulated in compliance of the social distancing of 1 meter. Even office layout have been changed with the same criteria. In addition, smart working has been deployed for suitable activities to it and some meeting place have become virtual. Every 15 days a specialized company sanitizes all IFS work spaces and the risk of infection is limited also by a Protocol shared with all employees. People’s health and their families are important to us and we want everyone to feel safe in our company.

Your opinion is important, therefore do not hesitate to write us suggestions and recommendations on how keep the environment even safer. Thank you for spending time with us safely!