In the following playlist we are going to introduce the Integrated System of hoses, fittings, machines, components and adaptors with the help of our product managers, take a look!

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IFS France

The french version of our website is out! Take a look here:

Our new website is a major step forward in bringing our Interpump Fluid Solutions branding to the attention of our customers, as we roll out our ‘one group’ strategy across the world.

Over the coming months, our new website will showcase how we will provide solutions for our customers’ applications, across all the sectors in which we operate.

Unlike many companies in industries like ours, this is much more than simply a product catalogue. It’s about a new way of listening to our customers to enable us to develop great relationships that allow us to innovate exciting new products and services in partnership.

Our website will contain news and articles about hydraulics solutions and the industry as a whole. We will supplement the website with supporting social networks: TwitterLinkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

An exciting element of our new website will be the growing importance of the people in our group. We will feature and showcase many of the great people across our business and the vital roles they perform in delivering excellence to our customers and partners.

Stefania Verratti
Head of Marketing

The testing facility is one of the most important departments of our company. It is located at the Atessa headquarters, and it is constantly evolving. Today Luigi Del Bello briefly speaks with us about his daily experience among the test benches:


<< Hi, I have been a Team Leader of the testing facility for 10 years. The beauty of this work, which pushes me every day to always try to do that little bit more, is having the opportunity to work in a team. Dealing with technicians, engineers, experts in hydraulics and in the creation of one of the fundamental raw materials for our product, rubber compounds.

In the testing facility, we perform various types of tests necessary for the qualification of new products and for the periodic certification of existing ones, as required by International Standards, in addition to certifications defined by our customers.

As our company is constantly growing and evolving, we are highly focused on R&D and continuous improvement, with all that this entails in terms of durability tests / performance evaluation of new products.

My task within the department is to organise and manage the tests and maintenance of the test machines, working closely with the engineer V. Ciarelli, head of the department, and support my colleagues, Nicola and Sandro.

For us, attention to detail is essential, it is impossible to quantify the tests carried out as we test until we get the required results.

In recent years we have completely renewed the machine park with reliable and quality benches. Our suppliers are Hydroven and Bimal, two prestigious Italian companies like ours. We test the integrated hose-fittings system and to date also the adapters.

Our hoses meet the required standards but often exceed them, and this is our strength, quality!

We are always at the end of the production cycle, but as our management often quotes, “strategic decisions are made from the testing facility”.>>

In addition to the machine park there are the last two test benches, representing the continuous investment in R & D / quality. 2022 will see the arrival of other new generation machines that will increase the value and prestige of the test room.


The closing activities related to the acquisition of White Drive by the Interpump Group ended on Friday 1 October.

As announced on June 1, during the signing of a binding agreement for the purchase of the White Drive Motors & Steering business unit from the Danfoss Group, at the moment the acquisition includes three production sites:

Hopkinsville (Kentucky, USA), Parchim (Germany) and Wroclaw (Poland).

Chairman of Interpump Group Fulvio Montipò remarked: “This acquisition, the most significant in Interpump’s history, will expand our product offering to include orbital motors and steering systems, reinforcing our role as a global player in hydraulics”.


To White Drive and all our new colleagues, welcome from Interpump Fluid Solutions to the Interpump Group! May this future, beginning for you today, be the bearer of new auspicious horizons and new successes.

To learn more about White:

In this fifth episode of IFS Management Tips, Roberto Adorante, HR Manager of the I.M.M. Group, offers ideas and practical exercises to manage relationships with people in the workplace.

“I would like to focus on a challenge that all organisations have within them, whether they are large or small: Managing the relationships between business units and collaborators.

It is very important to let collaborators speak and to help the different areas of the business interact. I would like to address the relationship between management and collaborators, and the relationship between business units, whether they are offices or production departments.

Often the different areas work as if they were a separate entity, as if they were not part of the same corporate system. While the company is an organism composed of people and means aimed at satisfying human needs through the production, distribution or consumption of economic goods and services to customers. It is necessary to make sure that everyone can understand each other, whether it is a colleague from the same office or from another area.

Each entity must be in tune with the other and understand that the work of the other has its differences and is equally necessary and indispensable for the achievement of the company’s final goal. Each business unit in the company is an important cog in the organisation.

Offices and institutions are made up of people, and to be successful, they have to relate to each other.

How often do we witness misunderstandings between offices, judgments between colleagues, differences in the workplace between employees and workers that generate differences of views that are sometimes heated?

To solve these problems, it is necessary to know the activities that each business unit and each collaborator carries out, to be able to interact together.

Try playing this game:

Choose an office or a department and on a piece of paper, write down the activities they carry out. Note the problems they encounter in order to achieve the set objectives and the times to achieve the same objectives, the relationships they have with other bodies and collaborators. Once the exercise is finished, go to the office taken as a case study, and check if your answers are correct; then continue with the other parts of the business.

Here are some tips to have effective strategies for managing conflicts at work:

  1. listening and understanding, the first step towards solving problems.
  2. manage relationships empathetically.
  3. prefer a constructive approach to conflict resolution, this allows you to accept and appreciate differences.
  4. recognize the contribution of others to a project or decision.
  5. Neither losers nor winners must emerge from an elaborate conflict, but people who are satisfied with having found a meeting point.
  6. do not attack the person but focus on the problem.
  7. assume an impartial attitude without judging.
  8. keep calm and in control of the situation.
  9. avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  10. do not try to override or dominate the discussion, but discuss in a direct, honest and assertive way.
  11. do not be too critical, it could be frustrating for the other.

In managing conflicts at work, the primary objective is not to criticize or punish people.

We always encourage teamwork, keep calm and find common ground, to create fertile ground, where everyone’s motivation can be cultivated. The mistake of being able to eliminate a conflict is often made, but this is not possible since it has roots in the relationship with others.

“There is no progress without conflict: this is the law that civilization has followed to this day.” (K. Marx).

Conflicts in relationships between work colleagues are normal but if we know how to resolve them in the right way they will bring value and innovation to the business.”

Discover more about Roberto Adorante in the team presentation page.

 Our core business is certainly the production of hoses, but our offer is much wider: fittings, adapters, machines and of course the flanges that we’re talking about today. Thanks to Pierlugi D’Alonzo, product manager of GS-Hydro and stainless steel fittings division, we find out exatly what these GS components are and why they are part of the integrated rigid system 

Following the interview. 

What are GS Components?
We are talking about flanged connections for seamless rigid pipes, which find the main application in hydraulics, where the high pressures, together with the characteristics of the application, place stringent requirements on pipe connections. 

They are represented by a wide range of combinations that can be summarized in three main systems: the Retain Ring and 37º Flare Flange systems are used for high pressure connections and the 90º Flare Flange connection for low pressure applications. 

The range of use of entire line can be so very large with working pressures from 10 to 690 bar and pipe diameters between 16 and 600 mm. 

How do they fit into the integrated system? 

GS components are part of the integrated rigid system and, together with the adapters, complete the range of rigid connections available. This is a very important concept, because it means fully realizing how different components interact together within a single system. It also means accumulating experience that can then be returned to customers, supporting them in their choices at best. This is the only way to be one single provider.

While adapters allow us to ensure the connection of rigid pipes since smallest diameters, GS flanged connections give us the opportunity to connect bigger pipes, returning benefits already from the Ø25 mm and thus reducing the tightening force required for the operator, the installation space and the weight of the system, without compromising its safety. 

How does the GS-Hydro brand take part in the Interpump Fluid Solutions offer? 

Interpump Fluid Solutions represents the synthesis of the concept of integrated system within which coexist different brands and products. Among these, the GS Hydro brand and its GS Components have a history of over 40 years. We are talking about the world’s leading supplier of non-welded piping systems; operations began in 1974 with the commercialization of an innovative flange, which allowed the rapid and secure connection of pipes without the need for welding. This technology, applied to the non-welded connection concept, has expanded over time and has been validated in thousands of applications for over four decades and has been taken to virtually every corner of the globe. 

Tell us about one of the most challenging projects you have undertaken with your team. 

Did you know that we participated in the construction of the largest vessel in the world? We made a pipeline system, by our GS-Hydro flanged connections, through the full-width of vessel (over 100 meters). A challenge never faced before: the waves power, the temperature gradient and pressure rating have challenged the solidity of our GS-Hydro components, certificated by Lloyds. Standard products could not be applied to such a particular structure, and it wasn’t easy, but finally we designed and built a customized piping system able to face the hostility of seas. 

What is the strength of your team? 

Our strength, reflecting our shared business values, is to be able to create tailor-made solutions, according to the needs of the customer. Products not standardized but designed for specific applications together with our specialist team.

Ten special tips from our CEO Marcello Di Campli, listen to the podcast now!

<<In a world that changes and is subject to unpredictable negative events such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, companies destined to survive and prosper will have to adopt innovative management models and differentiation. I will try in a few minutes to synthesize what the IMM group has done and is doing respond to these mutations.

1. Vision. We continue to believe that the human resource is the core of our daily actions. In fact, our vision is the firm intention to create a value for all stakeholders through our work: shareholders who invest, workers who guarantee the product, public institutions that regulate the environment for production and to which we provide the resources by taxation, in order to maintain balance in the system.

2. Strategy. Today, more than yesterday, we believe that offering a complete solution through flexible connections with medium-high pressures is our main goal. Rather than supplying individual products, our future strategy will increasingly be the proposal of an integrated system of flexible hose, fittings, adapters, and machines for its assembly. A complete package, safe and guaranteed!

3. Sustainability. We want to implement our strategy taking care of our Planet, so we will invest in the coming years an important part of our budget in projects that reduce the consumption of natural resources: photovoltaic systems on our plants and replacements of all lighting fixtures with energy-saving led, controlled by demotic systems.

4. Safety, environment and quality. The attention to safety and the environment in our plants is a priority for our managers. We obtained all the certifications to support, and also we constantly monitor every possible risk signal in order to adopting the necessary corrective actions. Significant investments have been made in recent years in safety. Investments in quality over the past 4 years have more than doubled compared to the previous 4 years. The results in terms of drastic reduction of complaints are evident from the data collected each month.

5. R&D. Research and development of new products is one of the strengths of the IMM Group. Over the past three years, more than thirty new products/improvements to existing products have been developed! R&D investments have exceeded 4 million euros by providing IMM with one of the most advanced laboratories in the field of flexible connections for medium-high pressures. IMM with the Interpump fluid solutions brand, is increasingly considered a jewel of technology and innovation thanks to its ability to offer an integrated and guaranteed solution with performance above the industry average. Our challenge for the future is to explore new areas of application: water, steam, air, hydrogen and new fluids.

6. Human Resources. Our workers are the secret of our success. Behind every innovation of process or product hides the work of hundreds of workers who add a tile to the complex mosaic, day by day, with dedication and humility.

7. Sales. We have oriented our action towards new markets like North America and Asia, obtaining the first positive feedback in terms of interest and orders.

8. Marketing. It’s a new task for us! We are investing a lot in marketing because we think that the good work done should be communicated to the market in the correct way.

9. Customer service. A project to improve planning systems and customer service started three years ago. Compliance with delivery dates is monitored daily by a team of engineers to ensure maximum reliability in shipments and responses to our customers.

10. Operations. We approved a few months ago a lean project intended to shift the focus of the company from the product to the value it brings for the customer through a continuous hunt for waste reduction.>>