Welcome to the french version of our website

IFS France

The french version of our website is out! Take a look here: www.interpumpfluidsolutions.com/fr

Our new website is a major step forward in bringing our Interpump Fluid Solutions branding to the attention of our customers, as we roll out our ‘one group’ strategy across the world.

Over the coming months, our new website will showcase how we will provide solutions for our customers’ applications, across all the sectors in which we operate.

Unlike many companies in industries like ours, this is much more than simply a product catalogue. It’s about a new way of listening to our customers to enable us to develop great relationships that allow us to innovate exciting new products and services in partnership.

Our website will contain news and articles about hydraulics solutions and the industry as a whole. We will supplement the website with supporting social networks: TwitterLinkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

An exciting element of our new website will be the growing importance of the people in our group. We will feature and showcase many of the great people across our business and the vital roles they perform in delivering excellence to our customers and partners.

Stefania Verratti
Head of Marketing