A day in the life of Chris Carpenter, our Mobile Service Engineers in the UK

 Today we profile a day in the life of Chris Carpenter.

Chris is one of our Mobile Service Engineers in the UK, part of our dedicated team of specialists, who provide 24/7 on-site support.

So Chris, what time do you get up on a typical work day?

Usually 6am but that depends on the distance and time I’m due on site for my first job.

Can you give an example of where you might be heading?

Anywhere I’m required and it’s usually somewhere in the southwest region.

What kind of job would this be?

The majority of my work is hose replacements on-site.

How did you get into this line of work?

I always had an interest in fixing things. I spent many hours helping my dad fix and tinker with cars etc at home when I was growing up. So when I saw this career I thought I’d give it a go and I really enjoy it. What motivates me and is my inspiration to keep at it, is my Dad. He has a vast engineering back ground and is such a knowledgeable man. Growing up I wanted to be just like him and I wanted to prove to myself and to my family that I can do it.

Unfortunately my Dad had a stroke in 2014 and lost his left hand side of his body, forcing him out of work, driving and building his kit cars and a kit plane he had in his garage! With this my Mum became his full time carer as well. This has inspired me all the more to put everything I have into my work and I hope that one day I’ll be like him and make him proud. He is currently recovering from his stroke and very slowly getting the use back of his left side.

How are customers’ sites looking and feeling at the moment?

With the current changes of day to day life I am finding myself receiving many jobs for the infrastructure of the UK, for example utility companies, waste, haulage, animal feed distribution, farmers and plant hire companies. Everyone who is helping to support the current situation we are in.

What’s the best part of doing a job like this?

The sense of pride. Taking a machine that is completely useless and broken, holding up a site/road closure… repair it and put the site back into work is a great feeling.

Working along side some valued customers with a friendly approach and building relations with them is a great aspect of my job. I thoroughly enjoy a good chat with them and even buying the cakes and putting the kettle on. I even make the tea!

How does the rest of your day shape up?

I usually go from job to job, sometimes these have a lot of mileage between with immense pressures created in our industry when our customers require us on site so quickly. When I’m not doing a job I will try my best to call into my customers to check how we are doing and show that we care what they think. And yes I make tea and bring biscuits and cake! That’s why they nicknamed me biscuits!

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at work right now?

The biggest challenge is the size of the area and building it up. In order to build the area you have to push further out and it’s hard to push further out when I have a seriously high demand in the centre of my area.

How do you see Interpump Fluid Solutions developing in the coming months and year?

I see Interpump Fluid Solutions as a solid company with so much potential. Over the past year we have seen our vans’ signage change and our company image looks so smart. In the next year I think we will develop into a larger on-site service. I would like to grow my area with a larger number of vans operating and continue to service my customers with a great workforce behind me.

From your perspective, what are the big opportunities?

The opportunities are to grow with the business. The training and courses that Interpump give are brilliant and these allow us to do our jobs safely and adhere to all the site rules we come across.

If you could name one thing you most enjoy about your job?

Helping people

What kind of time do you clock off at the end of a typical day?

Usually 6pm. But my phone’s always on.

How do you balance your life outside of work with a demanding job like this?

I enjoy sitting back and chilling online on my games console with my wife and friends.

In the current situation I find myself providing a contactless delivery system to my parents who are at a high risk to Covid-19. This consumes a fair bit of my time before and after work.

What’s your Top Tip for working through these current challenging times?

My top tip is to keep trying and not give up. I take each day and call out as they come. My dad had a stroke not so long ago and my mum is his carer. I guess the thought of the Covid-19 reaching them makes me want to help our nation more than ever. If I can help keep vehicles/machines working it can potentially save lives and help prevent others catching it.

If you require 24/7 on-site hydraulic hose replacement support please contact Chris Carpenter and the team.

Interpump Fluid Solutions UK

With 5 locations across the country and a commitment to bring single sourced packaged Solutions with an Application Driven Approach to the market, our UK division of Interpump Fluid Solutions is a complete one stop shop for the fluid power industry.

They are one of few Hydraulic companies in the United Kingdom to be able to offer such a diverse range of products and services, ensuring a solution is found for your individual requirements.

  • Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
  • Hose Assembly Machinery
  • Machine Service & Calibration
  • Hydraulic System Components (Pumps, PTO & Cylinders etc)
  • Mobile Service
  • BFPA Training (British Fluid Power Association)
  • Industrial Supplies

The UK head office proudly sits at Unit 5, Greenhill Industrial Estate, Birmingham Road, Kidderminster. Boasting a 40,000 sqft warehouse, stocked full of Interpump fluid power products, this is the heart of the UK distribution. This location ensures orders are picked, packed, and dispatched across the country, providing a quality product to fuel key industries during these times. As well as being the head office, the Kidderminster depot is a BFPA Approved Training Centre for hydraulics courses including a Foundation Course in Working Safely with Hydraulic Hose and Connectors; BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme; Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management.

High volume hose production is carefully hand assembled by their team of approved hose technicians. Each hose assembly is bespoke to the customers requirements and constructed to strict specifications.

At the other end of the warehouse, you will find a dedicated area for our Hydralok machinery and everything needed to service machines. To ensure these precision machines are working correctly throughout their life, the UK team carry out and offer a maintenance and calibration service for hose assembly machinery. If their customers machine is unable to be moved, services and calibration can be done on site by their in-house trained technicians.

Working 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, their Interpump Fluid Solutions mobile division keeps the UK moving with onsite hose replacement and hydraulic support. Managing a fleet of sprinter vans, each vehicle is equipped with premium Interpump hose and fittings and our brand of Hydralok assembly machinery. Everything their engineers need to replace hydraulic hose assemblies onsite, minimising downtime and increasing efficiency for their customers.

From Sales & distribution to accounts & admin, the UK team are fiercely devoted to providing a level of service that you would expect from an Interpump company.

IFS Management Tips: “To be a sales person in times of CoVid”- our solutions

In this first episode of IFS Management Tips, our Chief Commercial Officer Pierluigi di Bartolomeo tackles an extremely pressing and highly topical issue: “To be a sales person in times of Covid“.

Listen to the first Interpump Fluid Solutions podcast:

<<We could consider how being a sales person could very often just mean to be more able to “trade-off between” supply and demand (is it a case that the commercial negotiation purpose is finally juts a “trade offer” …?).

For such a reason our continuous target is to try to find out the best way to make customers happy, whatever situation around us we are facing; that’s also why during this so critical pandemic period we tried to promote our slogan “when storms come, some build walls, others build windmills”, simply to try to really live a crisis with the meaning of “change”, more than purely a trouble.

Due to the huge importance of personal contact in a sales relationship, commercial jobs suffered over any other activity, giving no way to count on personal talking, on feelings and on simply shaking hand.

At the same time, we have had an opportunity to make a step forward, progressing further into future technology and turn our attention to alternative tools, like meeting platforms and video-conference systems. No longer planning our time according to flight times and travel reservation agendas, but according to call conference confirmation.

On top of the logical decision to increase the use of video calls to meet with our customers and our partners, we also adopted new technologies like “virtual fairs”. For example, we recently participated in the last edition of Eima, as well as planning virtual conventions with our sales force before end of this the year. We also gave people the opportunity to participate in online” training sections, where key information on our products and services have been shared on our platforms.

Together with this, we appreciated the successful proposal and opportunity to have a “virtual tour” of our plants; more than a recorded video, we want our tour to be a way to visit the Company and be interactive, sharing questions or asking to focus on specific topics during the tour.

This opportunity has allowed us to bring customers “virtually live” at our manufacturing technologies, alongside our salespeople’s web cams to present our products coming out from machines live. This has proven to be one of the most valuable tools, allowing us to start receiving orders for our new series of products in the range, like new adaptor lines.

In one way, we could say that having a sales role during such a virus period, could also mean to try to convert the sad sound of the word CoVid, adding further meaning of COnferenceVIDeo new approach to market.>>

IFS CCO Pierluigi Di Bartolomeo

The time has come: Our new website is online!


“More informative, modern and of course responsive. Finally our new homepage sees the light of the world. The relaunch of our website is just one milestone in the revision of our corporate design. After the successful introduction of our newly designed logo, we are pleased to be able to present our website in a fresh design as well.
Our new online presence simply reflects much better what moves us and what we do. So you, whether you are a customer, partner or interested party, will get an even more detailed overview of our core competencies and the range of services we offer.
We hope you enjoy discovering our completely renewed website. Of course, we look forward to your feedback and are just as grateful for suggestions as for any kind of positive or negative feedback. Simply use our contact form.”

Alexander Schmidt, Managing Director IFS Germany GmbH.

A working day at I.M.M. in times of Covid

Did you know that before entering the company, all employees, customers, suppliers, visitors must go through a thermoscanner? When someone arrives, the sensors make the door open, immediately the body temperature is detected and all the incoming people are profiled by their badges. Please note, the thermoscanner exit door opens only if the temperature is 37.5 ° or less.

After passing through the thermoscanner, IFS staff can find hand sanitization dispensers located in different points of the headquarter. The entrances at the canteen and other common areas are limited and regulated in compliance of the social distancing of 1 meter. Even office layout have been changed with the same criteria. In addition, smart working has been deployed for suitable activities to it and some meeting place have become virtual. Every 15 days a specialized company sanitizes all IFS work spaces and the risk of infection is limited also by a Protocol shared with all employees. People’s health and their families are important to us and we want everyone to feel safe in our company.

Your opinion is important, therefore do not hesitate to write us suggestions and recommendations on how keep the environment even safer. Thank you for spending time with us safely!

Interpump Fluid Solution powered by I.M.M Hydraulics – NEW CORPORATE VIDEO

Discover Interpump Fluid Solution powered by I.M.M Hydraulics, european leader in production of hoses, fittings, machines and accessories of high quality

Watch the new corporate video https://bit.ly/3aW2Grwd


IMM believe in new generation. The future is in their hands

Chiara Antonioli grad student in “Corporate Languages”, at Urbino University, has just ended the training course in IMM

My name is Chiara Antonioli, I am 22 years old and I study business languages at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo. My university course aims to create a professional figure able to work for companies within international environments.

The interview…

Why did you choose IMM Hydraulics for your university internship?

During my research in order to find a company where to carry out my internship, IMM Hydraulics has caught my attention among the companies present in the industrial district of Val di Sangro. Although initially I was not aware of this company, through the information found on their site, I realized the huge opportunities that a company like this could offer me. In particular because it is a company that has based its Core Value on the creation of an international reality, in fact, the company operates in 5 countries on 1 continent and boasts sales centers in Italy and some European countries, including which France, Germany and England. In this regard, I considered that this was certainly an important factor, the choice was indeed dictated by the interest in having a practical experience of my university career: managing and developing international contacts, in order to collaborate in the success of the IMM company Hydraulics in a global market. Moreover, because I thought that doing an internship experience within a multinational company would have surely made me grow at a professional level, through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

Is there an area that attracts you the most?

It was a stimulating professional experience and certainly beyond my expectations. From the first day I found a serene and open environment for comparison; all the people I worked with were immediately available to teach me everything, because training is fundamental to the IMM But what really hit me is that growth is not individual, but collective and as a team. When you work here, you learn that what is important is not learning to perform a task but it is important to do it together, if another colleague has a problem, your time is also his and vice-versa. In fact, teaching something to the other is not seen as a waste of time, but as an enrichment, since each contributes to giving added value to the corporate network. From the first days I was actively involved in all the activities of the commercial area as in the management and in the insertion of orders, sharing knowledge and information with the whole work team, gradually acquiring greater autonomy. I was able to participate actively in the international reality, coming into contact with clients who came to visit the company every day from all over the world. Moreover, the history of the IMM is tangible among all the people who are part of it; the traditional values of respect, collaboration and passion for their work are integrated with an orientation towards innovation, which makes the positioning of this company unique. it was not a job, but a real path from which I grew up professionally with a greater awareness of my abilities, where I also understood that there is need for dedication and passion to succeed in the performance of one’s duties; but also a relationship of estimate and mutual trust between all the members of the company so that a lasting advantage can be obtained over time. In conclusion, this company fully reflects the values that we young people hope to find in the world of work.

How useful was it to live the daily life of the company for the purpose of writing your thesis?

My internship took place within the commercial area and this was a great opportunity to verify if the job practice of the sales employee actually corresponds to my interests. For this reason, at the end of my experience, in which the international reality was on the agenda through the management of orders and customers from all over the world, I can say that my future aspiration is surely to live in such a dynamic environment, in which every day there are new challenges that encourage the generation of new ideas and stimulate the problem solving.

Can you tell us briefly about the topic of your thesis and what ideas / topics you managed to get from this internship?

The everyday life of the internship has contributed a lot to the drafting of my thesis, in fact even if the subject of the paper was the outcome of my Erasmus experience, the internship environment reflects the cardinal principles of my work. First of all, the innovation on which my thesis was based, is one of the group’s main missions, this aspect is in fact pursued both in terms of processes and products in an organic, unitary and shared manner within the IMM Hydraulics. Furthermore, my colleagues who went to trade fairs dedicated to innovation, brought me material from which to draw inspiration for my topic. Furthermore, carrying out daily translations in German helped me to keep the language active, which was fundamental for drawing up a summary of my work in German.

Can you tell us briefly about the topic of your thesis and what ideas / topics you managed to get from this experience?

My thesis work is based on Industry 4.0 in Germany, defined by many researchers as the fourth industrial revolution. The attention paid to Germany is justified by the fact that in Europe the concept of Industry 4.0 derives from an idea of German origin, born with the intention of revitalizing the manufacturing sector through the development of the opportunities offered by technological innovation under way. The IMM within this context hired particular relevance as it has understood the importance of innovation to achieve lasting and non-replicable success. In fact, the company belongs to the Automotive Innovation Hub in Abruzzo, which is a network of globalized companies operating in the field of automotive and mechatronics and also won the Confindustria Innovation Award in 2018. The paradigm of Industry 4.0 is based on the exploitation of new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase the productivity and production quality of manifacturing plants; IMM authentically embodies this principle because it shows that even from “small” you can become big by focusing on innovation. All this is proven by the exponential growth of the company, which has stimulated technological and product innovation, which has proved to be fundamental for the transfer of Made in Italy beyond the national boundaries and to establish itself internationally as a point of reference among the manufacturers of fittings and hydraulic pipes.

Hydraulic hose suppliers

Meet Lorenzo Panzone, Technical Manager at I.M.M. Hydraulics


We interviewed Lorenzo as another key figure in our company. We asked him to tell us the key features that most distinguish his work.

The Interview

Can you tell us what your role of Technical Manager involves?

Some of the processes the Technical Manager is responsible are:

  • Product Design, Development and industrialization;
  • Product Certification;
  • Technical Documentation issue.

Another main task is to ensure that the documentation, procedures and communication flows smoothly. Also ensuring everything is in compliance with our high standards. After all, our target is – “Excellence”. As I.M.M. Hydraulics core business is technical products (Hose, Fittings & Machines) It is paramount the technical manager keeps everything clear, precise and accurate. Alongside this I have to consider the technical needs of our two crucial stakeholders:

  • Customer: specification, requirements, requests;
  • Company: the technical business unit is responsible for the correct communication aimed to inform and to train towards production (process engineering and documentation), marketing (technical documentation to support the proper product launch in the market), sales (technical support), quality (specs definition in order to define the related control plan), purchasing (in order to define the proper terms of purchase for the supplier).

Lorenzo is also the focal point for all phases of technical product management for the Stakeholders.

What is the value of timings as the person responsible for all these procedures?

First, I would like to thank you for this question and quote Peter Ducker:

Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.

It is clear that the “Time to Market” concept is not only applicable to sales & marketing, but it can be extended to all company levels. In my specific area of the company, time management is a critical success factor. For example, in project management. Time is one of the main constraints as well as cost, quality and scope. Once technical construction specification is set up, timing is the base of product management. The engineering process cannot exceed certain time parameters, this also includes the fulfilment process of our production lines. These provide the final product from the raw materials.

Have you adapted any methods over the years to help with these output targets?

The outputs, as a measurement of the process, are not the only interesting parameters for a technical manager. An important issue to consider is the outcomes, as are the results of a process or a project that can be evaluated in terms of ROI or impact on business.

I have 3 methods I like to use:

Project Management – This is a really efficient tool that can generate great value in my position.

The Deming cycle – PDCA (Plan – Do – Check- Act) This is my second most important tool. An important task for me is to support and promote the continuous improvement of products and processes. For this reason, it is paramount to create a worthy cycle that takes the “AS IS” condition and establishes a path for an improved “TO BE”.

Risk-based thinking is also a powerful tool I use. I use this approach to do a risk evaluation and analysis (in accordance to technical specs, process and non-conformity or failure mode) and produce a dedicated action plan for design and construction process this then minimizes any the negatives and maximize the opportunities coming from a product and a process “value added” base.

All tools I use for technical issues must be based on the final target of a proactive approach to participate with all company entities, business development and continuous improvement with a clear and committed focus on the customer (internal and external).

What are the possible obstacles that you may have to overcome in this role?

As per my role and vision, I aim to always have a clear layout of targets and numbers. All related to the process and/or the product to be managed. Then my first challenge is to fully analyse the problem that I need to overcome, whilst keeping our different stakeholders in mind. The second challenge is to ensure we are always getting the best results from our inputs and meet all requirements. I wouldn’t call them obstacles within the company but more an “inertia” that comes from natural company dynamics with different approaches due to several entities involved.

Finally, my most important task is to keep a value-added approach coming from our products. Making sure they are:

  •  perfect for the requirements;
  • customer focused;
  • developed in an efficient, productive and sustainable way;
  • Always in a continuous improvement process.