Introducing IFS Romanian Plants

Adrian Corniciu – Production Manager – IFS Romanian Plant introduces our Romanian Plant:

<<We are I.M.M. HYDRO EST ROMANIA, part of IMM HYDRAULICS Italy, and since 2014 part of the INTERPUMP Group.

We started with the production of hydraulic hoses in 2004 in Catcau. Our company has grown year after year. Our team is very young (the average age is 38 years old) but it is very performing. In 2016 the production was moved to a new company located in Dej, Cluj region. At the same time, we started a new renovation project of the Catcau headquarters, a site already destined to the production of hoses and fittings from 2018.

I remember with pleasure the first steps in IMM when I began to learn another mentality of work, responsibility and commitment to achieve goals. I have always had the support of my Italian colleagues to grow. I take advantage of this presentation to thank everyone. I believe that the most important value of the company is the family and I can say that IMM is a big family for me.

Every day is a challenge: finding ways to obtain the best results in production, thinking about how to preserve and improve product quality, always looking for new tools to increase efficiency. My role on this path is to be the catalyst that helps our company to move forward, considering the human factor and the technical side. We cannot forget the importance of safety in our job, always under strict control and continuous improvement.

It is very important to comply with all the requests from the Romanian authorities about environmental protection, fire prevention, safety at work, considering both Romanian and Italian accounting systems. The production of hose in Romania has created a great opportunity to have the highest technology in comparison with the existing one. The growth of the production from 6000 m/day to 28.000 m/day shows the strength of the Romanian team, united with the Italian team, in order to achieve the best results for the Group.

The production of fittings is a challenge that will bring us a lot of satisfaction. As the writer François Garagnon said “To believe means to grow“. We grow up like a baby every day! In Romania It’s common produce standard hoses and for us it is a challenge to produce high quality products, such as the Premium Line we are currently working on. We are planning various projects, such as the production of cores for the whole Group and the increase in production capacity of the smooth hose.

Our goal has always been to be independent on the purchasing, commercial and production side. Implement the LEAN system, WCM, achieve the objectives by respecting Quality, Efficiency and Safety at work. Go straight I.M.M.!>>

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