Meet Hervè Hennerich, Branch Manager of Hypress France

We interviewed Hervé Hennerich, Branch Manager of Hypress France, as another key figure in our company.

The Interview

You are part of this group since many years, how your professional figure has grown over time?

I am completely self-taught in my work. It’s been 25 years since I met the world of hydraulics. I joined the IMM Group 12 years ago by opening a structure in the east of France. My professional career has evolved through the interest, ambition and opportunities that came to me.

Hervé Hennerich, Hypress France

Could you tell us, briefly, which are the main services you provide to your customer?

My first vision of a structure like ours is on the service. Reactivity, advice and availability are the watchwords for customer loyalty. You have to know how to adapt to their demands and their needs.

And the goal of the branch?

The main goal today is to provide small and medium-sized customers with the service that large structures cannot manage directly. We are an added value, a technical support is essential to the cohesion of a group like ours.

How important is, in your sector, to work with a close-knit team?

This is undoubtedly a dilemma today and an important part of my job. Create and keep a team welded or everyone can split in his work, place each in the right place according to his abilities. All success depends on the team and the shoulder that everyone can give themselves to each other. From the pure technician to the handler, all must be soldered like a chain. Customers then feel a group of cohesion that they can trust.

How important and  how affects your work, the technical and technological development?

Of course we are at the heart of the needs, we can direct the production on the needs of the market that is constantly evolving by daily customers. We are the source of demand and guide the technical and technological production.