Hydralok Hydraulics Machines

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Hydralok hydraulic machines are an extensive range of hydraulic assembly equipment, for cutting, swaging and crimping.

Hydralok products are compatible with our range of hoses and fittings to provide you with a qualified solution for your application.

Visit the full product range on our hydraulic machines page.

If you need 24/7 onsite support, please contact us on Mobile Service page or call 03333 209 888


Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

custom hydraulic cylinders

Interpump Fluid Solutions offers you a wide range of hydraulic cylinders from our brands Modenflex, Panni, Penta and Contarini in many specifications and sizes. We can also build custom hydraulic cylinders to your specification or visit you to create drawings for cylinders you require.

We produce prototype custom hydraulic cylinders for special applications and we have years of experience and capabilities for speciality equipment.

From telescopic to single stage we supply as a components or with our compatible and qualified products as a system to suit your application.

If you need a cylinder repair service we can offer repair this in our Bridgwater, Somerset and South Wales branches.

For more information and to place an order, please call us on 0121 550 1115 or visit the hydraulic cylinders page for more details

Hydraulic Components from Interpump Fluid Solutions

hydraulic components

Hydraulic Components from Interpump Fluid Solutions are now shared on a brand new dedicated page on our website.

hydraulic components

The new page includes a host of hydraulic products in the Interpump range, including Pumps & PTOs, Valves, Cylinders, Wet Kits, Components and Hydraulic Systems.

Each hydraulic product group contains descriptions and technical data sheet, designed to help you make informed decisions about the correct product solution for your application.

We have carefully created a comprehensive portfolio of products that are designed to serve our customers in a wide range of industries. Our technical team is on hand to help you and answer your questions. Please contact us directly on 0121 550 1115 or use our contact form and we will call you back.

Interpump Fluid Solutions is one of the main worldwide manufacturers of power take off’s, pumps, cylinders, hoses, fittings and fluid power products for a range of industries and applications including, but not limited to: Automotive; Tipping vehicles; Fire fighting; OEM; Sewer cleaners; Mining; Agriculture.

Hydraulics Products for Special Applications

Specialist Hydraulic Hoses, Products and Accessories

Sometimes hydraulics product requirements go above and beyond typical applications and industry standards. Interpump Fluid Solutions has invested in research and development and in-field testing to meet a wide range of special requirements.

In such new product development we have considered factors such as fluid compatibility, fluid temperature or viscosity, environmental stress, temperature, ozone or UV resistance, various chemical agents, salt corrosion and aggressive fluids and gasses.

From this research and testing we have developed new products including E-coat treatment fittings, Hy-Freeze, Hy-Celsius and Hy-jack ranges of hoses.

New product development like this is only possible by listening to you, our customer and working in partnership to create a hydraulic fluid solutions.

If you have any special applications for which you need specialist hydraulics products (hydraulic hoses and fittings and assembly machines, PTOs, pumps and more) get in touch with us and let’s talk. Call us on 0121 550 1115

Hydraulics Hose Assembly Machines

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In these times of social distancing, you may need an hydraulic hose assembly machine.

To get you started, a great example of a bench mounted hydraulic hose bench cutter is the Hydralok HCL Mobile, a lightweight, bench mounted cutter that runs off a 12v or 24v supply. It is primarily designed for the mobile hose repairs as its small footprint and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for repair vans and mobile applications.


  • Hose capacity: 1 1/2″ (2 wire) and 1 1/4″ (4 wire)
  • Easy to use vertical cutting action.
  • Light weight and compact design.
  • Ideal cutter to use with our H32 Mobile machine


Paired with our H32 Mobile series and a hand skiving tool, this hydraulic hose assembly solution would be the ideal, compatible set up, for your hydraulic hose assembly.

For more details, download the product data sheet or call us on 0121 550 1115

High Performance Hydraulic Hoses – Product Feature

high performance hydraulic hoses

Interpump Fluid Solutions’ high performance hydraulic hoses range is a wide collection of hoses that exceed international standards. In our product development, many of the hoses have been designed around specific customer requirements. This ensures they have additional features such as being able to perform at higher pressure, containing additional abrasion resistance and benefitting from specially certified covers. Our high performance range is the product of choice for customers who require a certified hose that exceeds international standards for their chosen applications.

Download the high performance hydraulic hoses datasheet.

Visit the product page for details of compatible, related products, including Interpump Fluid Solutions hose assembly machines.

We also offer BFPA certified hose assembly courses from our dedicated training facility in Kidderminster. Andy Dickens, our highly qualified training instructor, guides attendees through the entire process of hydraulic hose assembly to ensure quality and safety standards are achieved in every application.

The continuous expansion and improvement of our product range has allowed us to integrate our expertise in production and quality control to establish the compatibility and qualification of our products: by using our self-developed control methods and testing machines. The wider Interpump Fluid Solutions group has obtained a series of approvals released by International Certification Bodies.

Interpump Fluid Solutions – Covid 19


We are pleased to confirm that Interpump Fluid Solutions remains fully open and providing a wide array of hydraulics products to many industrial sectors including the front line, such as councils, key manufacturing facilities, agricultural, water, electrical, pharmaceutical and transportation.

With our large, fully-stocked facilities in Kidderminster, our network of stockists through the UK and our countrywide mobile on-site service, we are well placed to continue to support essential services, at this challenging time.

Our trade counters are open, but the process in which we operate this has changed. A member of our team will come out to you in the parking area and collect your hose or equipment, respecting the 2m rule. Protective gear will be worn during this process, with all surfaces being sufficiently cleaned. Rest assured these procedures will not affect the quality of service you will receive, and are designed to promote a safe working environment for everyone.

Our Hydralok products offer the option for self assembly in this time of social distancing. Each assembly machine is fully compatible with our range of qualified hoses and fittings.

Our PTO Pump division is continuing to support the transport industry at this vital time, as it brings essential supplies and food to where it is needed.

If you are using our 24hr mobile service, please respect the social distancing guidance with our engineers, ensuring there is a sufficient working space of 2m between all parties and it is vital you refrain from entering their mobile workshops. We are currently unable to test or enter machinery cabs on site, so please ensure you, or a member of your team, are available to safety test all equipment after we have completed the repair. Multiple forms of alternative and contactless signature capture are available and will be offered to you onsite once your job is complete.

In line with the Government’s advice, we are taking necessary precautions to protect our staff’s health and wellbeing. Wherever possible, all but essential duties are being carried out remotely as we continue to fulfil our customers’ requirements.

We are very grateful for the continued dedication and high level of commitment from each and every one of our staff and we trust that our people and our customers will manage to stay safe through the coming weeks.

If you are unsure of anything or have any questions regarding our current working procedures, please feel free to contact us.

The Definition of Swaging

What is the definition of swaging?

The English origin of swaging dates back to the 19th century. It is the process for shaping a swage. A swage is the shaped tool used to transform an object’s shape into the desired form by bending or shaping. Swaging is used in the metalworking field, known as metallurgy, to serve a variety of purposes. As a noun, swaging can transform a piece of metal into a desired shape through pressure or hammering. Swaging results in taking an object and giving it a ridge, groove or some shape of mold. The process can alter the diameter of rods, hoses and/or tubes. Examples of swaging include pipefitting, hose fitting and decorative metal work. An example is the casters used on chairs or other furniture legs. Look in your office meeting room and notice that beautiful silver coffee table with its antique-appearing curved legs. Those legs were created using the process of swaging.

When used as a verb, swaging uses a swage in a pulsing manner to flatten any rivet. This is done by using continuous rolling motions. Swaging is also the process of joining metal pieces together. A perfect example of this is found in aircraft control cables. The ends are molded together to fit any number of size requirements. Swaging can be used as a supplement to soldering a wire into place, like in a circuit board. The straightened wire needs to be reshaped to fit into place. This reshaping is known as swaging. In fact, swaging is most commonly used to attach fittings to cables, pipes, or other similar components. Think of soldering pieces together, and the process of swaging usually comes into play.

Swaging can be classified as internal, external, combination or dual varieties throughout all global definitions of the word. Internal swaging can provide grip to hose material, and be used to improve flow area through tubing or hoses. In fact, this form of swaging increases the size of applicable items, and plays a key role in lowering the risks of bacteria accumulating near the end of the hose or tube. It also helps to reduce turbulence by providing a firm mechanical adhesiveness and bond. External swaging, as the term implies, is the opposite of internal swaging. Combination swaging is similar to external swaging, except for the fact it involves welding ends together. It also is known to be more cost-effective than external swaging. Combination swaging involves compressing the size of items to suit the purpose. Dual swaging uses both internal and external swaging and involves compressing both aspects by the same amount.

Swaging is used in items all around you. Typical areas include car design, keyed musical instruments and repairs, circuit boards, hose fittings, pipe fittings, lock bolts, sawing blade teeth, ammunition and decorative metal items.
Swaging is a specialized field. Understanding the global definitions of this field can enhance your overall respect for this craft.

View Interpump Fluid Solutions Hydralok Swaging Machines

Interpump Fluid Solutions – South Wales!


We are delighted to announce that Fast Fluid Power – Flexible Solutions have entered into a service agreement with Interpump Fluid Solutions!

Fast Fluid Power now has full access to our range of OEM products and brands, including our Power Take offs, Pumps & Hydralok brand of Hose Assembly Equipment.

Fast Fluid Power are a well established and excelling hydraulics company in the south of wales, boasting 3 fully stocked depots, a dedicated location for specialised engineering, their own lubricants division and a 24/7 onsite hose replacement service covering the area.

Their high level of skill, knowledge and workmanship within the industry means you will be receiving the same quality service you would expect from using Interpump Fluid Solutions.

We are delighted to have their services available as our south wales division.


  • Raglan Depot – Fast House, Grangemill Industrial Estate, Raglan, Monmouthshire. NP15 2BX
    Fast Group Managing Director: Leigh Haslett
  • Caldicot Depot – Unit 14e Norman Way, Severn Bridge Industrial Estate, Caldicot. NP26 5PT
    Depot Manager: Iain Ormond
  • Swansea Depot – Unit 11 Gilsea Park, Mona Close, Enterprise Park, Swansea. SA6 8RJ
    Depot Manger: Kyle Green


Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings are at the heart of our range of hydraulics hoses and fittings, machines and accessories.

Here is our international stainless steel fittings catalogue from which you can select appropriate products for your applications.

If you have a specific requirement that you would like us to help you with, please contact us.