Girls Can Do Technical

Girls can do technical

“Could you pass me on to someone technical please” – The immediate response of quite a high number of customers when the Hydralok phone is answered by a female member of staff. For a lot of people in the hydraulics industry this is natural reflex and I’m sure there’s no offence intended but for me it’s the same sinking feeling mixed with rage and indignation that I feel in toyshops when faced with an aisle of pink, glitter and domesticity.

GIRLS CAN DO TECHINCAL. We can distinguish compact and swept fittings, convert PSI to bar and talk you through calibration methods – all in a day’s work here at Hydralok.

This industry is still undoubtedly male dominated – yes, we’re frequently mistaken for secretaries, the sole female in meetings and all too often asked to make the tea- but there are positive steps being made at all levels to change and challenge this culture. Hydralok for example has consistently employed female staff and in roles throughout the company; technical sales, purchasing, engineering, logistics. Government is playing their part in encouraging and showcasing women in STEM subjects. Big business has recognised the importance of women in industry with the likes of Audi, Boeing, and Amazon sponsoring events such the WoMen Power conference at Hannover Messe and International Women in Engineering Day 2018.

We need to do everything we can to support these actions and promote change. I think that part of it is making people, especially young girls, aware of the varied opportunities with engineering and industrial sectors. Yes, engineering can be bridge building; computer-work and CAD design; oily machines and dirty hands… and no, these are not just “jobs for the boys”. But it’s also so much more; innovative technology; life-long learning, global opportunities….

I fell into the engineering sector almost by accident, but am very happy to stay and encourage others to join!

Katherine Séverin, Operations Manager, Hydralok